Grow Your Safety Culture and Bottom Line with Engaging Learning Strategies

Creating Learning Experiences that Inspire and Save Lives

Continuous learning is fundamental to building employee engagement and safety. Yet, learners do not receive and retain information in the same ways. Through science-based learning strategies, Gina shares how to promote a culture of safety, increase communication, ensure compliance, and change behaviors.

For effective learning, there must be a focus on human cognition when presenting information. This enables employees’ brains to capture the information and recall it when they need it. When this occurs and a situation or safety issue arises, employees remember exactly what they need to do.

Gina will teach you how to create learning strategies that have a direct effect on safety and your organization’s bottom line, no matter what learning management system you use. She shares with audiences the best educational mediums and modes of learning for maximum engagement, and the most effective ways to capture the attention of adults.

Gina delivers unique and engaging learning strategies to the trucking industry. Her approach is transforming how the industry learns and applies knowledge and best practices to enhance safety and compliance.

Steve Keppler, Co-Director, Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, LLC

With proven and relatable examples, audiences will gain an understanding of how learning strategies and training:

Improve safety scores

Reduce insurance and incident costs

Build a company’s bottom line

I have dedicated my career to studying how people learn. My passion for understanding human cognition has resulted in improved safety and importantly changes in behavior. It is important to share how we all can harness our minds.

Dr. Gina Anderson

The goal is for team members to return home safely every day. Gina provides research-driven, scientific strategies that anyone can use, resulting in meaningful and measurable learning outcomes.

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