Teaching Without A Teaching Degree: Luma Learning Lessons

Teaching Without a Teaching Degree: Luma Learning LessonsTeaching Without a Teaching Degree: Luma® Learning Lessons (Amazon, $34.50) contains 52 lesson plans and worksheets with 106 different teaching strategies designed for the trucking industry that can easily be adapted to suit any age and any content topic. The book is written as a resource guide for anyone who is new to teaching or instructional design.

Each lesson includes the following:

  • teaching strategies;
  • colored diagrams detailing how to write and align the objectives to the lesson;
  • estimated interaction time;
  • colored worksheets (for most lessons);
  • step-by-step instructional procedures for both synchronous and asynchronous interaction;
  • and alignment to Luma’s E2A Instructional Model.

A table is provided that organizes all the lessons by interaction type: learner to learner, learner to self, learner to instructor, and learner to content. This allows the reader to decide how they want to explore the provided lesson plans and teaching strategies. Moreover, additional book readings are included for those who want to further explore the provided teaching strategies. The URLs provided throughout the book are active at the time of publication.

The book began as a series of Luma Brighter Learning blog posts released from 2019-2020 written by Luma CEO Dr. Gina Anderson and illustrated by Director of Creative Services Elizabeth Nordquest.

Teaching Without A Teaching Degree: Luma Learning Lessons is now available for purchase on Amazon.com.
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